Friday, December 18, 2009

A Quick Thanks

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the people who read our blog...
We enjoy sharing our lives with you and showing you how and what we do.
Our boys grow so fast that this really is the only way to capture every moment before it's gone.
We love each and everyone who reads our blog! Thanks for reading..
Merry Christmas Love the Hedricks!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Picnic in St. Augustine

Picnic in St. Augustine
It was an absolutely beautiful day so we decided to take the family to
St. Augustine and have a picnic by the Fort... 
Grandpa and grandma Hedrick came out and walked on St. George Street and met us for dinner at A1A.
As you can see we had an amazing time with everyone!




Carson Tyler growing up!


Carson and daddy had such a fun time climbing up the trees and running around in the grass.

Our sweet baby Carson and daddy just playing around while mommy gets the picnic ready.


Jacob Parker just chilling out on the blanket.. it was a little chilly in the shade so he got to wear his cute hat!


Carson was chasing after the black poodle... he loves dogs so much.

  Carson and Mommy


The St. Augustine Fort


Carson couldn't find any flowers so he decided to pick grass and give that to mommy! So cute



Daddy teaching Carson how to tie his shoes..





Grandma and Grandpa Hedrick



They were handing out candy and Carson ended up with a lollipop!
We now know that they are his FAVORITE!


Poor Jacob was so tired from all the days activities..

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The BIG Day!

My two beautiful sisters..
Krysten Evans (left) and Hannah Whittington (right)
I love them both so much!

Bridal Pictures Before Wedding

Hannah and the Bride

Momma and the Bride! 
She was so beautiful (as always!)


Last kiss as Brittany Whittington

Walking down the isle..

Reverend Kevin King was our officiant.
Adam's Best Man was his brother Matt Hedrick (right)

The Lighting of the Unity Candles

Unity Candle Ceremony
Prayer Ceremony

The "I Do's"......

You may kiss the bride!!

My husband Adam David Hedrick!

My Sweet Handsome Husband

Adam's Family:
The Hedrick Family and The Hopkins Family

(Left to Right)
Bride, Groom, Emily Hopkins (sister), Stan Hedrick (father), Jeremy Hopkins (brother-in-law), Taylor Hopkins (niece), Wanda Hedrick (mother) Matt Hedrick (brother) Connor Hedrick (nephew) Hedrick (sister-in-law) and Brady Hedrick (nephew).

My Family:
Whittington and Evans Family
(Left to Right) 
Ethan Evans (nephew), Gus Evans (brother 
-in-law), Tucker Evans (nephew), Krysten Evans, (sister), Hannah Whittington (sister), 
Phillip Whittington (dad), Bride, Groom, Matt Campel (grandpa), Yohanna Gray Campel (Grandmother), Doris Whittington (mom)
The Hedrick Family
Brittany Hedrick (bride), Adam Hedrick (groom),
Carson Hedrick (son), Baby Jacob Hedrick (son).

Officiant Rev. Kevin King
Pictures out in the beautiful garden by the river.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. !!!!!!

My gorgeous ring! Thank you sweetheart!

Couldn't resist getting a picture of these bad boys!

My beautiful wedding cake done by Jenifer Terrizzi
The Groom's Cake

He was so sweet.. then before I knew it he had turned around and rubbed cake in my face!
Haha It was all in good fun!

So I got him back! :)

Me with the Ranney Boys
(left to right)
Jack, Tucker, and Griffin Ranney
Omi and Opa
Adam and his sweet Momma

Lindsey with sweet baby Chandler Lettow
Adam with his Dad and Mom
Carson with Daddy
Garden Bridal Portrait
Saying "goodbye" to family and friends.
The Beginning To Our Wonderful Life Together!

The Beginning...