Saturday, September 25, 2010



WE ARE MOVING incase you did not already know that. We have an amazing opportunity to move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Never thought in a million years that I would be leaving my hometown friends and family to move so far away. BUT The Lord has His plan and that is the plan that we want to follow- this happens to be a turn I did not expect!
Adam and his brother, have decided along with a lot of other calculations that Baton Rouge, L.A. would be the best place to start up their company. I am extremely excited and proud of them for all the hard work and effort they put into getting it up and running. It is finally time to pack up our things (along with babies!) and move! We are super excited and blessed to have this new opportunity.
Please pray for us because with all new companies there are always surprises and headaches along the way.
Thank you for following us in Jacksonville.....Hope you continue to follow us now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

These are some last days in Jacksonville with friends and family before we say, "goodbye"!

Megan, Me, Krysten, Kristina, and Lindey...
Kristina was actually having a "going away party" for Krysten so it was nice to see everyone one last time!
The boys.. even Chandler made it in the pic!
Close up of cute Chandler..
Adam and Gus

MOCHI FUN>>>> :) Our Favorite frozen yogurt shop with besties!

This is pretty much what I look like every day, all day!!
Hands full with my sweet babies!

Daddy and Carson going through the assembly line of toppings.. Who knows what they will come out with! haha.. My two sweet tooth boys!

Looks like he made out! :)

She was loving the yogurt!                             Yumm, Yumm.. Kaeli

Sitting on the cool stools.
Talan was eyeing that yogurt!! :)
Talan, Kaeli, and Jen May

Carson watching everyone eat their yummy goodies~
Poor Conner was asleep for most of the fun.... but don't worry.....
He woke up just in time!!!
YUMMM.. Conner and Andrea Salch
Jacob gets to have some too! He loved it.. Just wasn't sure about it being cold! HA!

Mommy and Jacob

Brittany, Carson, Jacob, Krista, Rori, Andrea, Conner, Jenn, Kaeli, Talan
Conner and Jacob had to much fun playing with each other!

Water babies.. and buddies!

Jenn and Talan

Wet babies

Fountain fun

Jacob chilling in the pool!

Getting ready to go home.. Cleaning up!

YES! Another bottle! He loves his milk.. AND FOOD!
"BYE BYE" hugs..

Jacob had so much fun... he did not want to leave!

Loves his Papaw!

Watching Carson walk sammy.. Looks like Jacob wanted to go too!

Walking sammy!

We will miss Sammy when we leave!

Having a bite to eat in St. Augustine!

:) Love this pic..

The other side of the booth with mommy, daddy, and Carson!

Buying Papaw a hat!
Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw Adam and I were able to take a night out! Thanks!! haha.. Look where we ended up- Toys R Us!
Krysten's House
Got her! or.... maybe not!
Laughing because Zoe (Krysten's dog) kept coming up to him and licking him.. sometimes knocking him over! haha so funny. 

Sweet cousin Ethan holding jacob!

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