Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our North Carolina Trip

The Christmas After Party!
We went to North Carolina.. Won't you come see what we did?........

The beautiful North Carolina Mountains 

Carson just hanging out while we drove 10 hours
 One of the many fantastic restaurants we ate while in NC.


Carson's masterpiece
He loves coloring..
Jacob and Grandpa.. Gotta love some Papa!

 Hanging out in the hotel room..

Brothers.... what joy they bring to our lives

Daddy had to be the referee! Jacob was getting a little rough.. :)

The Hedrick Family
Daddy and Carson sharing a piece of yummy chocolate cake.
Ok, So... we were locked out!
NOT to worry.. Grandpa was on his way to the rescue!

Some beautiful star lights hanging in a bead store.
It was FREEZING!............ To say the least.
A cool fish tank in the bead store.
Grandpa and Grandma

Here's the story.. Grandma has a fantastic gift at finding superb local restaurants when on vacations. This brunch/lunch (by the time we got there) was such a hot spot that there was an hour wait. OH YES! We waited!...  It was so cold outside and NO inside room whatsoever so we waited in the car (of a parking lot of maybe 12 slots) tiny.. tiny place, but amazing!

Car pics while waiting.

Daddy reading to Carson
Braved it and went outside to wait..
Quick family pic before we froze.
There was a rock slide on one of the major Hwy so the only place we could find to stop and play in the snow was The Welcome Center/Museum in Ashville.
Snow fun



 MMMmmmm... Fresh Guacamole! The BEST I have ever eaten!

Another great pick by Grandma.. :)
How yummy!
Carson loved it!
My Handsome Husband..
I had them stop the car so I could get out to take this pic.. Funny at the things you'll do for a pic.. 
(or maybe that's just me!)

Grandparent lovin

Driving Back To Florida!

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