Monday, March 1, 2010

Mirror of Smiles

Jacob and Carson's Photoshoot!
Ok,so I have to back up and tell you the story of why there was a green mirror in the middle of our dining room floor for the boys to play with.
A couple days earlier I painted our dining room Aged Mink (side note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!) and since I picked such a bold color that was NOT usually in my palette I was feeling a bit ambitious. I had Adam's old mirror that needed some TLC so I was trying to figure out the best color to spray paint it but I couldn't think of anything so when I went to the store and found Leaf Green...
Needless to say, Adam hated the color and after my ambitious color picking wore off I could not decide where to hang the mirror! I tried all the walls in the dining room, the master bedroom, master bathroom (which I ended up painting Aged Mink as well), and the living room. None of which worked so I left it on the floor in the dining room until I could decide where to hang it.. Bringing me to Jacob and Carson's little photo-shoot with the leaf green mirror. :)
Jan 2010


Mommy Loves You!

I wanted to put a picture of our dining room so you could see the color..
It's a little bit darker in person but really adds character to the room!

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