Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zooooo Fun


Lions... Tigers... and Penguins.. Oh My!!
Sunday afternoon my husband and I were talking about what a beautiful weekend it was going to be. For us, our weekend starts on Sunday because my husband has Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off and works 12 hour days Wednesday through Friday. So on this particular Sunday we were looking forward to a beautiful weekend. My sweet husband mentioned that we should go to the Zoo. And what a great idea it was.
I called up my sister and two children who came along with us for the animal adventure. Ethan and Carson could not stop giggling and playing with each other. It truly was sweet to see them at the age now where they can play and communicate together.
Enough talking, there are plenty of pictures for you to see how much fun we had together!

Started talking pictures before we even left the parking lot.. haha
Ready to go, Mom!
Bald Eagle
The two bald eagles were found with clipped wings so the Jacksonville Zoo is now their home.
Bongos- Ethan had fun saying that and asking all about them!
 Sweet Cousins
Daddy and Carson
The babies just cruising around..
Jacob and Carson :)
They were so captivated by the animals
"Those are not Alligators, they are Crocodiles." -Ethan
My little model
Ethan hanging on the elephant with Adam.
My love!
He LOVED the elephants so much that he cried when we had to leave..
Obeying, but not happy.
They had it eaasssyyyyy..
I love Bamboo
Daddy pushing Jacob's throne.
Tucker Evans
The beautiful tree that my lovey gave me a flower from.

I have such a sweet husband.
Amazed by the swimming lizard

Snakes... never want to see this outside of this glass.
This is close enough! Thank you.
"Look, Mommy, look"
They had such beautiful flowers and gardens.
Pic borrowed from The Evans Family blog
The Hedricks
Carson handing out snacks to the babies.. As he would say "tuckER and naycob"
Also borrowed from The Evans Family blog
If you haven't noticed, I LOVE Giraffes!
Daddy got everybody an icee and Carson would stand in front of him for a bite.
He LOVES birds..
Sun-bathing turtle
NOTE: No children were harmed in the making of this photo! :)

Concrete slide that leads into the fabulous tree house.
The super neat tree house.
We didn't have time to let them play because it was towards the end of the day and tired, but they would have had so much fun..
Next time-
"Carson! Carson! They live here, in West Africa!" -Ethan
hahaha- priceless memories
Our fearless bird men!
As you can see, I was not sure how I felt about the birds and Carson's fearlessness.

So Adam put one on my head to show me they were friendly..
They really had so much fun!
"Please don't poop...please don't poop...please don't poop!"
You can't truly tell my the picture but he was in AWE of those birds.
Ok.Started to warm up... just a bit! ;)
Sweet Carson was talking to the bird and trying to let him out!
Our Zoo bands..
The train ride back to the front!
Needless to say after 5 hours at the zoo Carson fell asleep on the train.



  1. Brittany! Love reading your blog. You have a darling little family. =)

  2. Aw - this was so precious brit. You and Adam are the cutest together and your boys are so sweet! Love you and miss you!