Friday, June 25, 2010

Ethan's Birthday on Easter Weekend

Ethan's Birthday on Easter Weekend!!

On our way to Ethan's Birthday party! Carson was so excited and decided he wanted to take his shoes off... (As he always does in the car!)

We're here! Egg hunt time!

Found one!

Orange..... My favorite color.

Brad and Bri Bandstra... How sweet.

Miss Bri and Rachel Bandstra- ( & baby bandstra shortly to come into the world!)
Birthday Boy and Krysten

Carson Tyler... my sweet first born

Jackpot! He found three all together!

He had a blast looking for eggs!

Tucker was running around with all the BIG kids!
Krysten and Kristina

Bubble Boy

Jacob was chilling on a blanket with some blocks, but then found the grass and wanted to eat it! Ops! haha..

awww... he dropped all his goodies in the grass.

Ethan's dinosaur cake!

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan Evans!

He was so excited to see his dinosaur cake..

It's gift time!

Sweet cousins

Jacob eating grass while we were all looking for eggs.. ha


Jacob Parker and Carson Tyler
Love these two boys so much!

Kristina and Tuck Tuck

Chandler and Jacob playing with the blocks

some of the fun dinos Ethan received for his bday

Bottles up! He was so cute drinking his milk!

My beautiful sister, Krysten!

All tuckered out from a full day of fun!
(He lost his clothes, due to eating a sucker that got all over him and spilling a drink on himself.. needless to say, I did not have a change of clothes the day I needed them!)

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