Thursday, July 1, 2010

Connor, Brady, Carson, & Jacob.. ALL AT PAPA AND MAMA'S HOUSE!


Kim, Matt, Connor, and Brady came to visit Florida and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa during their visit. Carson and Jacob had so much fun playing and laughing with his cousins! Adam and I also enjoyed Kim and Matt's company! Thanks guys for visiting!

"Mamaw" as all the kids call Grandma..

"Cahey, hey, those look good..."

I gave Carson some golfish... haha should have given them 3 bowls because they flocked to him like birds! haha.. He didn't mind sharing!

Carson Tyler

"Papaw" reading to brady! He thought the book was the neatest thing!

Such a cute blue eyed boy

We all were skyping with The Hopkins Family.. Wishing they were there!

We love the porch so much that we pretty much live outside! Can you tell? :)

Adam showing Stan our new computer! Thanks, Babe! Great surprise!

Brady wanted in on the action so he watched while we talked to cousin Taylor!

So sweet!

Somehow someone got hurt and Carson felt like he needed "peas" code for "ice" and some TLC from Mama!

The radioflyer ..............of course the ONE toy they all wanted!

Jacob eating in his highchair... safest place with the big boys running around!

We went to Wasabi's for dinner and LOVED it! So yummy and fun for the kids!


If you have never been to a Hibachi table- You are missing out!

Carson and Daddy- Like pros... he loves that soup!

Matt and Connor

Carson had a blast playing with Connor's trains.. Thanks Connor for letting us play with you!

Carson and Jacob
Brady playing with chop sticks .... Learning early!
No caption needed.. :)

Daddy and Jacob
Ice cream after dinner.. This is carson's favorite dessert EVER!!
FYI: He got the shiner from nursery when he found a little boys playing with his dinosaur... He went to get it and needless to say... he ended up with a beautiful black/blue eye!
Haha- just love him!!!!!!

After a fun filled day they boys got a bath and ready for bed!
Thanks Aunt Kim for my cute Pj's..

The perfect end to a wonderful weekend!
Night night, Mama!

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