Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 little BOYS and Me!


Krysten called me up one afternoon and asked if I would watch Ethan and Tucker for a few days because Gus wanted to take Krysten out of town... So, a few weeks later it was all decided, tickets were bought and arrangements were made. We were going to stay at Krysten's house for 4 days while they went on a (well deserved) trip to Cape Cod, New England!!

The boys had such a blast playing, laughing, and wrestling all weekend..

The wrestling! (no worries, no children hurt in the making of this photo!) :)
Ethan had him pinned.. hands down!

The smallers ones decided for a bit of a softer place to sit.. (after I finished folding the clothes!)

Tucker's favorite cowboy hat!

Ha. running around

Ok, so there is a little story to this picture..
Carson found out that there was a jar of soft peppermint balls behind the picture frame... Well, Carson decided that if I didn't "see" him get a peppermint, he didn't do anything wrong. (Prior to this we had a discussion on how we *do not* eat peppermints without permission...) So after seeing a red drooly face several times and getting in trouble several times, he finally learned NOT to eat the peppermints..

Mommy didn't say not to *PLAY* close to the peppermints! -HA! What children do as they learn discipline!

Sweet Tucker.. he was such a sweetie.
Missed his mommy, but was great the whole time!

Ha ok, Another story but i'll keep it short.
Carson and Ethan were running around the house playing when all the sudden I hear a ...THUMP.. then cries.. so I ran into the hall where they were and found that Ethan had accidentally run into the wall. Carson was completely fine, seeing as he was following Ethan. I got an ice pack and put Ethan on the couch all settled so he could rest... All the sudden my little "follower" started a fake.. (mind you, VERY fake) cry! As he proceeded to tell me that his side hurt too and needed an ice pack like Ethan! Ha! Too funny. (as you see in the picture he forgot which side "hurt" so he put it on his belly! ) :)


Jacob's bath in the sink! (since I had to keep and eye on the rest of the crew!)

POOL TIME!! We went out almost every day and swam in the pool. They had a blast and every day without fail, Carson tried to get Tucker in the pool!

Sweeet Loves!

(Notice Ethan jumping in the background! Carson and Ethan could have done that for hours!)

Ymmm... who says you can't have milk and a pool? :)

Sucker fun.. The boys got a little treat after lunch one day.

I didnt get a picture of it, but we brought out the pack and play for Jacob to crawl around in.
Ethan Evans


My sweets

After a long day of fun in the sun they had a bath and had some more fun!


a lot

And they finished the day off with some Wii!
It was the cutest thing! They all thought they were beating everyone!

Carson in his dino pj's and mommy's blue workout headband!

Dont't ask.. I have no idea why he likes the headbands.. but he does!

Carson and Daddy!

Have to share this with you. Krysten wrote a little note on some of the bananas for me to read to the boys! She is such a good mommy!

We had such a good time and I know Krysten and Gus did too!
Thanks for allowing us to watch the boys for you while you went away! This was the first for you and I appreciate your trust! Love you sis! :)

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