Sunday, September 12, 2010

*** Father's Day FUN ***

Daddy's Deserve The Best- Like A Week Dedicated To Them!
Happy Father's Week, Sweetheart!

Yes, I said, WEEK!
We celebrated the love we have for Adam by dedicating a whole week to him because one day just simply wasn't enough!

 We had such a fun time!
We went to Adam's favorite restaurant one night.. WASABI'S HIBACHI TABLE!!
AMAZING food and so much fun for the kids!
Daddy showing Carson how to use chop sticks.

Now for the food... Ymmmm.. Fried Rice!
Carson was playing with Daddy's new phone.. HTC EVO
Carson Hanging in Daddy's truck after dinner..
A pic of me and my wonderful husband!.. Yes, in the parking lot! haha

Driving home.. Such a cutie pie-
Sweet Cheeks!
we always have fun together..
Went over to Mama and PaPa's house one day.. Pool time!
My two little fish!

First with noodles.. then swimming on his own!
Daddy teaching Carson to swim..
Almost there- Great job, Carson!
All done!
Hanging by the pool
Time for night nights- AKA- Mama's book time!

We love her so much...

Jacob and Mommy
Eating Carson's chicken and fries.. I went into the kitchen and when I came back out- Jacob had scooted over to the food and was eating it! Ha- Little Stinker..

Lunch one day after running errands..
Haha- excuse Carson's face..
Ymm... Mexican chips... THE BEST!
"HE HE HE! I like them too!"
Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you!

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