Thursday, September 9, 2010

Phone and VIDEO Uploads of the Birthday Bash!

Continuation of Carson and Jacob's Birthday Bash!!
Carson ~ May 21, 2008
Jacob ~ June 30, 2009

Hedrick Family.. At least we got one picture together! haha
Not sure why it seems so hard to get  family photos!
Jacob Swinging.. here's a cute video to go with it! :)

He was LOVIN that cake!!! Made SUCH a mess, but hey, that's expected!

Here's How it all Started!!!................

Clean up time..!!
Aww, Mimi.. he did not want to leave that cake! 
Little bird bath for Jacob!
.. They didn't have a faucet (like I thought) so we gave him a bird bath in the water fountain! :)

Are you done yet!
All clean and ready for more fun!
Sweet Carson

Carson opening some gifts
This is fun!

Ethan came to help Carson open some of his gifts..
SO CUTE! Ethan was reading the "how to" on something while Carson moved to the next present!

Grandma Hedrick helping Jacob open some up!

Mommy and Carson
Such a fun day with the boys, family, and friends!
Thank you to all who participated and helped make it such a special day.. We will truly miss you when we move!

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